We caught up with Krust, Bristolian DnB behemoth and co-founder of Full Cycle Crew (with Roni Size, DJ Die & Suv) to pick his brain ahead of his performance on Saturday 10th November at KIN, where he’ll be previewing his first new tracks in a decade. Saturday night tickets can be booked HERE.


This will be your first album in 10 years. What direction have the sounds evolved in, and what can the KIN collective expect from it?

I’ve been thinking about this project for 4 years, I knew I wanted to write new music but was waiting for the spark, the thread to reveal itself. I’m interested in storytelling and how the journey is really the story, of going inside and finding out who you are. I wanted to take the listener somewhere they hadn’t gone before and to do that I had to go there first. For that to happen I had to forget everything I thought I knew and be open to go where I didn’t want to go.

People can expect an adventure, a journey into the unknown side of themselves.

What have you been busy with over the past decade – and how have those experiences influenced your sound?  

I see what I do as experiments. When I stopped making music, I studied topics around personal performance, what makes people good at what they do.. and others not so good. Once I had a good understanding, I used what I found on myself and then on other people – and eventually was asked to coach and mentor in colleges, universities and business.

What I found was that, these seemingly different areas of work were in fact one.  Its about being, flexible, creative, adaptable, resistant, being determined to find a way no matter what.

I thought back to when we first started making Jungle and Drum&Bass. We had to rewrite the rules. It was a completely new experience. Everyday there was a new challenge. I thought about those days when creating my coaching workshop – I know it’s possible because we are far more powerful than we think. We just need to see, hear and internalize the experience, make it real for ourselves then we can start taking inspired action.

How you do one thing is how you do everything. When you don’t know, you don’t know. You’re pretty much in the dark and you struggle to change, asking ‘Why?’ questions. The skillset allowed me to see patterns controlling behavior. When they become clear, that’s awareness.

Why does the KIN event chime with you personally? (and how does it link to your music)

What I like about the KIN is the openness to experiment.. to bring people together with different skillsets and disciplines and create something new. That’s what my work is about so it’s a good fit!

What are you most looking forward to on the KIN line-up? 

GRRRL and Ras G & The Afrikan Space Programme look like fun.

If you could recommend one everyday action to the people of KIN to make the world a kinder/better place, what would it be?

Mediation and self-reflection. The tools for self-awareness. When you have self-awareness, life changes. When your life changes, the lives of the people around you are effected and so the ripple effect continues.