I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring.
David Bowie

It’s happening at the Arnolfini (the centre of operations) on November 8 – 11th 2018, in Bristol. On this weekend, we will take over the running of the world from our ‘leaders’.

Over four days we’ll turn it upside down, shake it up, and see what happens. KIN will be an eruption of ideas, kindness, splendor and solutions. A playful and immersive gathering of music, chatter and making. Somewhere for happy accidents to happen and people to fall in love (with ideas, moments, each other etc).

Prepare to have your head spun out, in a good way.

Why are we doing this?

Have you opened a newspaper or turned on the TV recently? We’ve entered a new era and we’ve begun to realise that we need to design it ourselves. If we don’t others will, and to be blunt we don’t trust they’ll do the right thing!

KIN will be taking place in Bristol, an infamous city in the west of England known for making trouble… because it’s bored of waiting.

KIN was initially conceived by the makers of Shambala Festival – but they’ll be handing the spotlight over to some of the most interesting folk of our time, including you. A collection of thinkers and doers, musicians and makers, poets and provocateurs, activists and anarchists, lunch-outs and lyricists, tinkers and tea masters, inventors, film-makers, gobshites and OK, maybe a politician.

Our kin and kith – cross generation, diverse and from every walk of life. The connection is a yearning for more (and a quiet knowledge that it’s out there).

We each have more power than we think.

Once the weekend is over, KIN doesn’t just disappear. We will leave with fire in our belly, newfound skills and actions to take into our community.