Why Bristol?

“Uniquely among large British cities, Bristol marches to the beat of its own drum (and bass). Liverpool and Glasgow may have a similar streak of independence, but Bristol’s refusal to kowtow to the homogenising forces of modern capitalism is a visible, city-wide phenomenon manifested in endless community groups and co-ops. There is a widespread solidarity in the arts, food and music that promotes quality and individual expression, not profit.” – The Guardian



KIN will take place in the very heart of Bristol, in the south west of England.

Famous for balloons, Banksy, and bridges, there’s much more to our hometown than this twee, alliterative B-list. Situated in the crook of Wales, Bristol is a city surrounded by beautiful areas such as the Mendip hills, a geography that perhaps inspires the numerous allotments, city farms, and green spaces within the city boundaries. Known as the UK’s Green Capital it is a hotbed for environmental activism, industry and a very continental attitude to city cycling.

Bristol is proudly rough around the edges. It’s buildings are covered in tags, street art and murals which loudly proclaim it’s inhabitants spirit of resistance and community; claiming back sky-rises, colonial grade-listers and privatised space as their own.

Bristol has a fiercely independent fire in it’s belly, one that fosters cooperatively run spaces, a very present activist scene and some great underground venues. It seems the perfect fit for KIN, where we will gather, shake it up and puzzle it out.