KIN will be taking over the Arnolfini for a long weekend with a multi-room extravaganza of music, conversations, games, skill-sharing and theatrical explorations, with activist meet-ups, live art and wandering provocateurs. Each of the six rooms has a full programme, and the spaces have been uniquely designed with participation and connection in mind. Please note that capacities are limited for each room, so please arrive early to your chosen sessions to guarantee entry.


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    At Social Muscle Club we get together around tables to play a simple game of imaginative exchanges, and then get royally entertained by live performance gifts. It’s fun for everyone – and often life-changing.

    Imagine cabaret crossed with a magic market, where you ask for and give whatever you want – anything from a holiday to a printer, to singing lessons or a stage dive.

    By exercising the social muscles of giving, receiving and commitment, we become stronger as people. Every club is a spontaneous, anarchic community, where we have the power to make each other’s wishes come true.