KIN will be taking over the Arnolfini for a long weekend with a multi-room extravaganza of music, conversations, games, skill-sharing and theatrical explorations, with activist meet-ups, live art and wandering provocateurs. Each of the six rooms has a full programme, and the spaces have been uniquely designed with participation and connection in mind. Please note that capacities are limited for each room, so please arrive early to your chosen sessions to guarantee entry.


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    Making rituals for finding a common path to our chosen future: A collaboration between Jamie Pike and Tiu de Haan. 

    How we build, shape and share our community agreements can help us to listen, learn and, ultimately, thrive as one. Bringing the power of ritual into the formation of these agreements is to imbue them with the resilience, collective imagination and emotional engagement we need to create the bio-diverse and beautiful future that the coming generations deserve.

    During this ritual you will come together with your fellow Kin to make and shape the agreements that will sustain our community through the next cycle of seven years. These agreements will also help to shape the future of how the KIN festival responds to its growing community.

    This ritual will explore our collective intentions, the values that lift your spirits and offer a way to allow our brightest hopes to ripple out into our future.