KIN will be taking over the Arnolfini for a long weekend with a multi-room extravaganza of music, conversations, games, skill-sharing and theatrical explorations, with activist meet-ups, live art and wandering provocateurs. Each of the six rooms has a full programme, and the spaces have been uniquely designed with participation and connection in mind. Please note that capacities are limited for each room, so please arrive early to your chosen sessions to guarantee entry.


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    With Tim Malnick from Different Space.

    “Money doesn’t mind if we say it’s evil, it goes from strength to strength. It’s a fiction, an addiction, and a tacit conspiracy.” John Self (1984)

    It’s easy to blame money for the world’s ills – poverty, over-consumption and wars to name but a few.

    But what if the root of all evil was not money, but our own deep unconscious stories about it? A kind of obsessive addiction so deeply engrained in our culture we’re blind to it.

    Like all good therapy, Money Rehab with Tim Malnick is designed to start a powerful and provocative journey to help us transform our relationship to money. We’ll cover what could happen if we delved deep into our psyches to unravel what money really means to us – how it makes us act, feel and be (with ourselves and others).

    Together, we’ll explore how our attachment to money could be holding us back – as individuals and society – from the kind of world our conscious, rational minds otherwise desire.

    We’ll consider if the complexities about money in our own cultural DNA can help explain why, as a society, we’re complicit in systems that perpetuate poverty and inequality, while rewarding gluttony and greed.

    In other words, solving the problems of capitalism might actually involve us – as individuals — first examining what’s going on in our own minds. Scary, but transformative, stuff. #moneyhack