KIN will be taking over the Arnolfini for a long weekend with a multi-room extravaganza of music, conversations, games, skill-sharing and theatrical explorations, with activist meet-ups, live art and wandering provocateurs. Each of the six rooms has a full programme, and the spaces have been uniquely designed with participation and connection in mind. Please note that capacities are limited for each room, so please arrive early to your chosen sessions to guarantee entry.


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    At the heart of the home, every day, families, friends and communities gather around tables in kitchens (or daidokoro, rasoi or cocina) the world over to discuss life, love and current affairs.

    We see in our homes, cities, towns and villages, that the story we’ve been told that our global economic and political system is here to serve us is untrue. We witness people forced to flee their homes in terror of war, poverty and the effects of climate change; we see from rampant police killings of Black people and white supremacist protests and politicians that racism is far from over; we know those in our circles are struggling to pay the bills, suffering with anxiety and stress – all very despairing.

    The thing about the stories that have shaped the world we live in; that have brought us oppression, poverty, sexism, racism, environmental destruction; is that they can be changed and they can be changed by us.

    Using our imaginations, creativity and a little mischief, we can meet together at kitchen tables around the world to hack these stories. We can plan events, create art, plot stunts and tell stories that pull down the systems that hurt us and build new ones that work for all; helping to regenerate the planet, strengthen communities and create joy.

    What if we could make street art that stops people in their tracks and makes them rethink homelessness? What if we could host an event where everyone there left committed to dismantling their own internalised racism? What if there was a stunt we could pull that would change the mind and actions of CEOs formerly committed to pursuing profit at the cost of environmental destruction?

    If you see something going on in the world, whether it’s on your doorstep, or the other side of the globe, that you desperately want to change, and would if you knew how; join us to learn the art of Kitchen Table Culture Hacking.