Chapter 4 will take place from 11:00 – 19:00 on Saturday November 10th, at  Arnolfini, Bristol. Tickets cost £25 + bf for an adult and £12.50 + bf for a young adult (ages 13 – 17)

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Chapter 4: What to expect

Conversations, art, talks, workshops, screenings, theatre, activism and live art – including:

GAME: Paul Mason’s Global System Failure

Political commentator and journalist Paul Mason presents the UK premiere of this giant, 80 person board game. The game takes the audience through the breakdown of a rules-based global system in real time. Players, grouped in teams representing fictional countries, get to experience the hard choices that will face electorates in the 2020s, if growth cannot offset the rising social, economic and environmental stress. Monopoly, it ain’t. More here. 

SCREENING: David Firth ‘Salad Fingers’ Creator on Fake News (+ Q&A)

Animator David Firth has been a cult presence and (reluctant) online ‘influencer’ since way before social media was but a twinkle in Zuckerberg’s eye. He continues to release original, dark and thought-provoking art, film and satire, and has garnered a huge following worldwide. At KIN, Firth will be screening episodes of his web-series ‘The News Hasn’t Happened Yet’ – followed by a Q&A. A rare chance to pick the brain and play in the dark imagination of one of the UK’s most original, cult artists. More here.

TALK: A Journey through Afrofuturism with Emma Dabiri

Join writer and broadcaster Emma for a journey through Afrofuturism, via spoken word and mixtape. Discover the possibilities the concept offers for shaping alternative futures, and its role in liberating black identities from the limited stereotypes bequeathed to us by others. Emma will bring this cultural movement to life in KIN’s low lit Dark Room through spoken word and playing landmark tracks from its powerful musical history. More here.

FILM: Magic Medicine – Bristol film premiere (+ panel discussion)

Can magic mushrooms cure depression? Over 4 years, filmmaker Monty Wates was given exclusive access to the first  medical trial to give psilocybin to volunteers suffering from clinical depression. His remarkable film follows the volunteers,their families, and the ambitious staff running the trial. With deeply moving footage of the patient’s “trips”, this  is an absorbing portrait of the human cost of depression, and the inspirational people contributing to psychedelic research. More here.

FEAST: Brunch of the Bonobos with Tristram Stuart

Humans waste a third of all the food we grow and leave nearly a billion people underfed. When Bonobos (our closest animal relative) have a surplus food they find others to share it with, selecting strangers over friends. The Bonobo Feast is an opportunity  to share a mass free feast, made from ingredients that would otherwise be wasted, connecting physically with other KIN-goers, and gives us a deepened sense of the possibilities for creating communities worldwide. More here.

And loads (loads!) more. Delve into the full Chapter 4 line up here.

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